Escrow Services


Escrow Services

Fidelity National Timeshare provides rapid escrow closings for you and deliver same-day-as-closing proceeds directly into your account.

Escrow Closings

Same day funding

Fidelity National Timeshare’s superior escrow settlement services are provided to the developer for each interest sold. Fidelity National Timeshare delivers developer proceeds from closings and receivables fundings into the developers bank account same-day-as closing/funding.

Fidelity National Timeshare receives purchaser credit card down payments directly into its merchant escrow trust account and provides immediate reconciliation of deposits to you.

Daily Tracking and Status Reporting of Open Escrows

Fidelity National Timeshare keeps you informed by issuing daily tracking reports so that cash management and escrow status can be maintained and monitored. We manage within the rescission timeframe for each state and location.


Fidelity National Timeshare provides global title and escrow services for re-sale transactions (deeded and non-deeded ownership types).