Title Insurance


Insurance for your deeded interests and certification for non-deeded (points, clubs, memberships) ownerships is Fidelity National Timeshare’s specialty. We simplify the complex needs of the timeshare industry through dedication, expertise and integrity. Our services specifically are designed to meet your needs whether you are around the corner or in another part of the world.

Title Insurance

Timely and efficient

Fidelity National Timeshare issues its Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance Policies to the insureds within 10 business days after receiving confirmation of title documents having recorded.

Certifications (points/clubs/memberships)

Same security and integrity as deeded owners

Fidelity National Timeshare issues its Certification of Ownership to the purchasers of non-deeded timeshare interests, providing them the same integrity as deeded owners receive with Title Insurance. Fidelity National Timeshare issues its Policy of Title Insurance to the club, HOA, trustee, etc., as legal titleholder to deeded timeshare interests, and Certification of Ownership to the individual purchasers for their non-deeded interests.


Simplifying resale challenges

We provide the developer and their owners full title and escrow services for re-sale transactions (deeded and non-deeded ownership types).

Direct Ownership Transfers (deeded and points/clubs/memberships)

Simplifying transfers

Fidelity National Timeshare prepares applicable ownership documents for transfers of timeshare interests where no monetary consideration was paid for the transfer.